Whole Foods Wine Tasting

19 May
Whole Foods Wine Tasting

Hello! So yesterday after work a coworker and I decided to hit up Whole Foods in Fair Lakes for some wine.  They have this great wine room on the second floor with those Enomatic wine tasting machines (or the “greatest vending machine ever,” as as my coworker calls them).  You get a card and can choose a small, medium or large pour.  Price ranges from $1.50 for a small pour to $10+.  I find it a fun way to try a bunch of different wines.  Also, Monday-Thursday until about 8pm they have a small happy hour food spread (free!).  Many evenings, they offer different cheeses, nut mixes, sometimes chocolates. Or they have had a Mediterranean theme with hummus, tzatziki, olives, etc.  I am personally a fan of the cheeses, these tastings are how I found one of my favorite cheeses, drunken goat.

Anyway, right now they have a VA wine case with just VA wines.  It was fun to try the different ones and now I am thinking of making a trip to Vint Hill.  I particularly enjoyed their 2008 Petit Verdot.   I also tried the Winery of La Grange 2008 Meritage which was heavier than the Petit Verdot, but still good.  The Meritage was delicious with the blue cheese and I enjoyed the Petit Verdot with a pepper jack cheese.

This Whole foods is an excellent source for VA wine, so you can pick some up if you don’t have time to drive out to the vineyards.  They also have really good cheese and usually someone at the counter that can help you pair with wine.  Fan of cheese plates?  They have quite a few options for $15 each.  You get three different kinds of cheese and plenty to share, I would say a plate can feed 4-6 people.  Also, they will deliver the cheese plates up to the wine room for you!  The plates come with these thin crispy crackers or I have also had them with ‘everything flat bread crackers’ that are reminiscent of everything bagels (I prefer the thin crispy as it does not overpower the cheese).

I would highly recommend anyone nearby to try out this tasting room!

I’d like to close with an upcoming event.  I will be attending the Chrysalis Jazz Festival this weekend so expect a post about that sometime soon!  If you are interested in going you can go here: and look under ‘Events’ for more info. The weather is supposed to be beautiful so I am ready to grab a blanket, sit in the grass and sip some wine while listening to some good music!

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2 responses to “Whole Foods Wine Tasting

  1. Faith Phillips

    May 19, 2011 at 1:43 pm

    Im going to have to check our Whole Foods in Austin (the birthplace of Whole Foods) and see if they haev a tasting room… I know they have a great selection and always have something out on the floor to taste but hadnt thought to check on a tasting room. Cant wait to come home this summer and stock up on some Va wine…. canna get it here in Tx.

  2. Megan Henry

    May 20, 2011 at 1:43 am

    Love the Whole Foods Wine Tasting Room! good post, Angela, makes me want to go get some drunken goat and Conundrum!


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